1. Olofmeister - Fnatic

I'd be killed by the community if on this list I didn't mention Olofmeister anywhere. He is currently the best player in the world so you should be looking out for him anyway but, incase you didn't realise how good he is, I'm telling you right now in black and white you should check him out. Fnatic are set to have a good year in 2016, winning their first title in the first couple of weeks and Olofmeister isn't showing any signs of slowing down.

2. FalleN - Luminosity

I could have mentioned anyone from this team but FalleN has really shone through recently. He is the ingame leader for Luminosity and the team AWPer. We've heard the excuse from in game leaders that their frags suffer because they're busy thinking about the team and what they should be doing next, but FalleN doesn't care about that. Consistently top fragging and having incredible stats he's shown that you can still perform while in game leading. As well as FalleN you should be watching the whole of the Luminosity team, I'm tipping them to be one of the best teams in the world in 2016 after a strong end to 2015. The tactical approach is really working for this team and the time the team puts in to the game and developing their skill is really showing.

3. koosta - NME

This guy is amazing with the AWP. In a recent By The Numbers broadcast, Richard Lewis has said that he could "possibly be the best AWPer in NA" disregarding s1mple and taking in to account Skadoodle is in a slump at the time of writing this (Jan 2016). I was watching him play in the Road to Vegas NA Qualifiers and he was carrying his team hitting shot after shot. I can't get over how skilled he is. I'd definitely put koosta as the number 1 person to watch in North America.

4. dephh - compLexity

dephh is a UK player who has made a name for himself over the past couple of years in the UK and is now playing on a professional NA team. He's come through the UK scene like a hurricane, speeding to the top. I expect to see him do well in the NA scene as he grows as a player and gets his name out there. 2016 will be a big year for dephh and will really shape his career. If he does well in his new NA team he could progress in to a better NA team and eventually play at the top level. If he can mimic what he's done in the UK scene, this won't take him long. Definitely a player to watch out for.

5. Kjaerbye - Dignitas

Even though Kjaerbye is a really young player he has been playing in the professional scene for quite a while now. The only thing that Kjaerbye is being held back by is the Norwegian scene isn't big enough for him to break through in to the top team. Astralis is the team Kjaerbye could join but since the team are all now co-owners there's very little chance they'll swap roster any time soon.